Little Nickelbush Farm

Home of Happy Animals

We hit the JACKPOT with these dogs. The Great Pyrenees is an amazing Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) that doubles well as a lovable family dog (or a very large throw-rug).


The natural instincts that this breed has is simply incredible.  We've seen them cuddled with sick bunnies, try to help an injured baby robin to fly, let my daughter sit on him like a horse, and mothered a new calf. Dozer loves to be scratched and pet, happily sprawls by the fire with a rabbit for a nap, and literally leaps for joy whenever we come home... But make no mistake, he is not a pet. He is a WORKING DOG. His life is his animals; we humans are just a pleasant distraction.


That single-minded focus makes him the best farm dog, but also makes him a challenge to train. He LOVES us, but he considers us more as equals, and any "requests" we make are carefully considered for relevance. If he thinks that his job is more important than what we've asked him to do, then he will go do his job.  And that is difficult to deal with, because it's not defiance. It is an intelligent weighing of his responsibilities, and sometimes we lose.

But we lose to an excellent cause. We lose knowing we will not lose eggs to crows. We will not lose ducklings or rabbits to hawks. We will not lose pigs to coyotes. We will not lose chickens to raccoons.

There are times when I have to put my foot down, and when I do it works, but I don't pretend to control him. He knows his job, and he does it better than I could ever "instruct" him to do.


And when all is well, there is nothing he wants more than to be loved on by his people. And I am happy to oblige.