Little Nickelbush Farm

Home of Happy Animals

Rabbits are dangerous, dangerous animals... You see one for sale and you think "Oh! Wouldn't it be nice to have a rabbit!" So you buy a rabbit. And then... "Well, if I had a daddy bunny, I could sell the babies!"

A month later you have 37 rabbits, with no clear memory of what happened...


Dangerous, dangerous animals...

"OMG  Mom she had calico bunnies! Freakin' calico! Guess we're keeping all of this litter... Time to find 8 more cages."


And that... That is my rabbit story in a nutshell.


As far as what I have, it's quite a menagerie really! I chose rabbits that were large, sweet, friendly, and preferably came with cages.  So I have a New Zealand buck, a Californian doe, a Checker Giant/Rex doe, a Harlequin doe, and some offspring from them (and others) that we decided to keep.


I have litters available on a very regular basis, $15-$30 depending on breed, age and coloring.  Or rabbit meat at $25 per whole rabbit.

I offer unrelated breeding trios, and if you'd like to come pick your moms and dads yourself for a custom breeding, you're welcome to.

What We Feed

As far as steering away from processed feed, we're not as far along as we'd like to be with the rabbits. We've tried sprouting grains and haven't had any luck so far.  So currently they get free-choice rabbit pellets, and every morning we give them a large handful of our beautiful local grass hay (equivalent to timothy hay) and any fresh food we manage to get our hands on. Lettuce, spinach, kale, grass from the yard, small apples, carrots, etc.

We have a plan in the works to give them outside runs so that they can be on the ground as nature intended, but we're still in the planning stage. Want to make this permanent, so it has to be planned out meticulously.