Little Nickelbush Farm

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At Little Nickelbush Farm, our goal first and foremost is to raise happy animals, as close to nature's way as possible.  Large enclosures with vegetation that sustains their natural feeding inclinations. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables instead of processed foods. And more than anything, is a sense of community. Every animal is chosen carefully, to be gentle with people and tolerant of their fellow animals. The pigs, goats, free-range chickens, ducks (and even the farm dog!), get fed their morning treats in the same area and are all fed by hand. 


Our secondary goal is to provide our family with the best food that nature has to offer. Delicious goats milk, eggs as fresh as they come, and meat raised without hormones or horror.


Our final goal is to share it with you. Whether you'd like to buy eggs or animals, take a tour of the farm, or get some advice, we'd love to help. Life is too short to have access to such wonders and not share them with the world.


Please, take a look around our website. There's so much happening!

Muscovy Ducks